I can’t think of anything more stressful or disconcerting than being charged with a DUI, or any other criminal offense. You’ve got a whole set of questions you need answers to: What’s going to happen now? Will I go to jail? What will happen to my license? What expenses are involved?

  As an attorney who’s worked in various ways with our criminal justice system, let me just say at the outset –All is not lost! Prosecutors can face tough challenges in making charges stick. A range of legal defenses might apply, such as lack of probable cause, an unconstitutional search, contaminated evidence, insufficient Miranda, failure to allow an attorney, or exaggerated claims by the arresting officer, just to name a few. And they can come up in any case.

  That’s where good lawyering comes in. I’m a former Colorado Deputy District Attorney. I’ve handled over a thousand cases from traffic tickets to DUI and DWAIs to multiple other offenses. I know how prosecutors think and what strategies they use –such as “overcharging” as a negotiating tactic. I’ve also worked “from the inside” – as an Intelligence Analyst with the Violent Crimes Unit of the FBI in Washington, DC. Believe me, the FBI doesn’t hire just anyone: they have very high standards for integrity and competence. And I am sure you do, too.

  There’s also the question of money. I believe our Constitution guarantees the right of defense to all citizens, not just the rich. My goal is to provide aggressive defense for fees that most people can afford.

  My skills and special experience are available for your defense. Let’s talk about your case. For your free initial consultation, call me today at 720-600-3269.

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