Your initial consultation with Greg

During your initial consultation, Greg is going to be garnering from you all of the facts and circumstances surrounding your case. This can involve a lot of details, such as names, dates, addresses, phone numbers, case-numbers, officer-identifications, and other investigatory information. It's very helpful to be prepared.

Here's a list of items to bring:
 • All documents, papers, or slips you've been given by the police or DMV -- including any "Complaints," "Citations," tickets, bail-information, hearing notices -- anything and everything.

 • Any suspension or revocation-notices, hearing-notices, letters, driving-records, papers, or slips you've received from the Colorado Department Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles.

 • If a collision was involved -- any accident reports, insurance information exchanged with the other driver(s), towing receipts, or other slips of paper related to the case.

 • If you've had previous charges, any related documents such as "Information(s)" or "Indictments", restraining orders, summons or orders to appear, police-reports, convictions, probation-information, etc.

 • Any other documents, papers, or slips that you even think might be relevant.